Mind your Movement ©


Mind your Movement© is my own creation. It is a combination of the Alexander Technique and Pilates. In a classical Pilates class you have to work hard. Mind your Movement takes the effort out of the training. You experience movement instead of controlling it. When you stop trying and start noticing, the quality of the movement improves considerably. Mind your Movement© is like a slow-motion Pilates class: it takes time to stop doing and start feeling. 


The exercises are rather simple. For example; you lie down on your back and you extend the arms backwards. Can you feel your body responding? The contact between your head and the ground is increasing, the back is aching and even the pelvis is moving slighty. Noticing your body is essential. When you listen to the recordings, my voice will help you focus on a particular part of the body.




Alexander technique
Observing without evaluation is the highest form of human intelligence.
- J.Krishnamurti

Who is it for?

Mind your Movement© is about learning to move with ease like young children do.To discover your own potential, getting out of your head and into your body. Letting go of stress. It is for the one who has forgotten the joy of movement because of physical strains. It is for the one who has a hard time relaxing. It is like a meditation for mind ánd body. It is not hard, it is not vague, it is just movement with awareness.



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