It is fun to learn

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I love to learn! Ever since I have finished highschool, I never really stopped. After graduation from university, I switched to physical therapy where I really got intrigued. How wonderful our body is and what huge possiblities we have!  From all the training courses I did, the Alexander Technique training course is definitely the most personal one. A training course in which not only my mind is involved, but my personality as well. The way I look at things have changed, so I have changed.

learning at school

Learning and living go together. As soon as I was born, l started to learn. At first just at home, with my parents. They told me what I should and should not do, how I was to behave at home or outside the walls of our home. When I went to school, the teacher took over this role, telling me how to read and write and to be nice to other kids. During puberty my friends told me how I should behave, in this fase their opinions were extremely important to me. But even today, in my forties, I find myself learning new things every day. I have grown to be a teacher as well. Not only at work, but also at home. Now I teach my children how they should behave, I teach them my standards and values.

We carry all the power we need inside ourselves
J.K. Rowling

“I will make a star!”

A teacher tells you what you should do. Like my oldest daughter said to me yesterday: “The trainer told me that he could turn me into a good handball player if I am willing to listen!” She allows him to take over the responsibility to grow! And if she doesn’t succeed, it is not her fault! It is like the Dutch soccer team: whenever they loose, the coach is the one to blame. He is the one who gets fired. It is just a normal way of approaching a student: the teacher is the one with all the knowledge. The student should behave cooperative.

I discover my own potential!

There is another way to learn! Like I told in the blog body and mind, we all have a huge potential. During the first years of your life, you have learned to walk and talk. Nobody has explained it to you, you found out for yourself! Even I have learned to walk, against all odds according to my mother, without me ever experiencing any problem. I just needed a bit more time than most children. But we can do so much more than just walking. I recently listened to André Kuipers, the Dutch astronaut who lived in space for six months: we can do incredible things! How do you know your talents?  By exploring them, doing things you like!

A special drummer

I have added a little film to this blog. It is about a 3-year old boy that likes to play drums. He can do it extremely well. How did he learn? I believe he learned through listening to music and playing with them. His parents did what all great teachers do: they allowed him to experiment. They did not interfere the process, they just let it happen. For me, that is what teaching is all about. Allow the pupil to find out for himself what he likes to do, help him become aware of his capacities. Everybody has special gifts, but nobody can tell you what yours is. It is your own responsibility to find your passions.

Studying the Alexander Technique has given me insight in my passions. I have always loved to learn new things. Now I have the tools to learn without feeling frustrated. And as a sports teacher, I allow the student to find his optimal movements. There is no need for me to impose “the right way of moving” onto him. As a parent, I give my kids a lot freedom, allow them their own choices. I have two girls going through puberty, but there are hardly any fights in our home. I have learned this from Nadia Kevan and Ron Murdoch and I will always be grateful for sharing their wisdom. Now I would like to share it myself.

Enjoy the video!