For Ron Murdock, my warm and gentle teacher

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Ron and Nadia

Ron Murdock and Nadia Kevan are my Alexander Technique teachers but they feel like family. During the training course we got to know each other really well. I was used to teachers that were beyond me because of their extended knowledge. But Ron and Nadia have never behaved like that. In contrast, they were always standing next to me or right behind me.


Ron passed away. It has been for two weeks now and I miss him. I’ve learned so much from him. But his most precious gift is not his knowledge; it is his care. Sometimes, in the middle of our work, he would say something like: ‘Of course dear, let’s do it that way! I have never told him how special the word ‘dear’ made me feel. It reminds me of my father-in-law. He would give me the exact same feeling every time he came into the house and said: ‘Hi darling, it’s nice to see you!’

Everything you need is already there!
Ron Murdock

Friendly eyes

Ron looked at me with friendly eyes. His trust helped me to discover new talents. For example, I had never considered myself to be a creative person, but during the training course I started to write blogs. I was getting courageous enough to end my career as a physical therapist and to start a body & mind studio of my own. I developed new skills, became more self-aware and more honest.


My fellow students were musicians mostly. The artistic world is completely different from the medical world. I remember another student once telling me: ‘Today, I feel really irritated!’ I laughed, thinking to myself: ‘She’s an artist, she is just so sensitive.’ But after four years of working with Ron and Nadia, I realized that I am sensitive too! I can be really irritated, extremely happy, or incredibly angry, sometimes within one hour!  My emotions grew stronger: the highs ánd the lows. When I was feeling inadequate, Ron used to sit next to me and say: Mendy, don’t worry. Everything you need is already there. You might not see the answer yet, but you will. You have what it takes to solve your problems. Just give yourself time and space.’

Thank you

Dear Ron, I can’t visit you anymore. But I can remember the warmth of your company. You made me feel safe, you made feel good enough. When you said: ‘Give your pupil an experience instead of information’, I now know what you meant. You gave me an experience I will take with me for the rest of my life. I honour you by sharing that feeling with others. You will always be in my heart. Thank you Ron!