Enjoying yourself

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A busy mind

Imaging yourself strolling through the park. Do you hear the birds sing? Do you feel the wind blow? Do you enjoy the warmth of the sun? Maybe, but the chances are that you miss it all because you are worrying about an incident that happened earlier that day.

Imagine your 10-year old son coming home from school. Do you pay attention to his stories or are you busy in the back of your mind?

When your mind is involved in thoughts, you cannot really see, hear or feel the things that are going on around you. And then you miss a lot of fun.


That is easier said than done. How do you relax when taking a stroll is not automatically a solution? You could watch television or play a computer game. Have you ever noticed that your mind stops thinking then? That is the reason why it feels so good. You could also read a book, which has the same effect as watching a movie. You feel good because the mind is at ease.

Most of the time my head is full of things that I can’t control. I can’t control my mind. I want a stress free life, I’ve got to learn to chill.
Alain Clark

Don’t worry, be happy

The only thing that stops you from enjoying an activity is the ongoing stream of thoughts. How do you quiet your mind? Just stop thinking! Try it right now! Stop reading this text and find out for how long you can stop. Is it 10 seconds or maybe a minute? You will probably notice that voice inside your head is not so easy to quiet down. In an ordinary day 60,000 thoughts go through your mind! These thoughts make you feel busy all the time.

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Any activity that quiets the mind makes you feel good. In a sports lesson it is possible to work physically and to relax mentally at the same time. It requires a different approach, which I will describe in the next blog. For now I would like to share Alain Clark’s song “Easy” with you. He recognizes how easy life can be when the mind is quiet. Enjoy it!