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over-mijMy name is Mendy Bosch. Movement  is my passion! I am a physical therapist and I teach aerobics, Pilates and the Alexander Technique. But movement has not always been a joy for me.

Fear of falling

When I was young, I moved as little as possible. As a toddler it took me quite some time to develop: I was two when I started to walk and seven when I started to ride a bicycle (most Dutch children learn this skill around the age of four). By that time I was old enough to realize that I was clumsy. I was afraid of falling and that fear made it impossible for me to enjoy movement.

Movement can be fun

Growing up, I liked studying a lot more than playing outside or doing sports. In highschool I got all these straight A’s, but I was also the last one to be chosen in gym class. Everything changed when I discovered After highschool I went to the Radboud University to study International Business Communication. The University had a Sports Centre, offering all kinds of sports. Here I discovered that I loved to move when music was involved. Just by listening to music, I started to move effortlessly. Movement can be fun when there is no fear of falling or fear of being judged.

Physical therapy, aerobics and Pilates

After finishing my studies at the Radboud University in 1995, I continued with Physical Therapy and an aerobics instructor course. The reason for this switch was that I wanted to be able to teach other people the joy of moving. I graduated in 1998 and started to work as a physical therapist in a private practice and as an aerobics instructor at the Radboud Sports Centre.

As a therapist, I saw people with all kinds of complaints, but back injuries were definitely the most common ones. In order to help these patients I offered strength training, expecting them to get better. They did sometimes, but certainly not always. I searched for another approach and discovered Pilates. I took lessons and became a Pilates instructor for mat and equipment lessons.

Alexander technique Mind your movement
You are amazing just the way you are
Bruno Mars

The art of Contrology

Pilates called his method “the Art of Contrology”. Instructions like “pull your navel towards your spine” and “squeeze your glutes” are often repeated. The mind is busy understanding these instructions in order to be able to do the exercises right. For me, it took about seven years of intense training to realize that I was still at a beginner’s level. I was getting stronger, but I still feeling stiff. Why?

Alexander Technique

Pilates is about adding tension in order to gain more strength. After some investigation I discovered there are methods that focus on muscle efficiency. Strength and flexibility are improved through the release of tension. Alexander Technique is such a method. For me, it was a real eye-opener because it is so different from what I was used to as a sports teacher an physical therapist. After my first Alexander lesson I felt open, upright and strong after sitting in a chair! I proceeded with this technique and discovered my potential. I had always been trying to get strong, whereas I was already strong! Using my body in another way was all I needed to learn. That is what the Alexander Technique is all about; using what is there instead of trying to add on.

Mind your Movement ©

I now combine the Alexander Technique with movement in a class I call Mind your Movement©.
I have started this website to share my view on movement. During my career, I have learned a lot through studying and working with all these great teachers. My present teachers Ron Murdoch and Nadia Kevan www.atcn.eu have taught me to look at life from a whole different perspective. That is so valuable that I want to share this. If you ever feel like reacting to the things I write, please do. I would appreciate it!

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