Focus makes movement fun!

Balancing body and mind

Not analyzing or trying to understand, just enjoying movement. This creates balance between body and mind.

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An afternoon with Paul van der Velde

Paul van der Velde introduces some of his collegues into his world. I feel a lot of respect for him.

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Looking for a new career by working out!

I am looking for a new career. I will start by doing sports.

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For Ron Murdock, my warm and gentle teacher

My teacher Ron Murdock has passed, but I will never forget his warmth.

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My fear of being me

Why is it so hard for me to live up to my dreams? Because I care too much about other people's opinions!

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A Mind your Movement class teaches you to move with ease. You do not need to make an effort in order to move. Movement is easy and natural. Mind your movement combines the Alexander Technique with Pilates. Try it at home. All you need is a mat and a small Pilates ball (22 cm).